Learning the Recorder

This website will assist you in learning the basics of playing the soprano recorder.  It has been designed to help the recorder Club at St. Nicholas School in Toronto but it is great to know that it is being used by a number of other students throughout the world.  Any reference to fingerings will refer to the baroque recorder.  In order to read and listen to the music, you must first download a small file called Notation Player.  It is small in size and free. It will open the music on your computer and you can then play along with the midi sound or simply read the music without sound.  Click on these INSTRUCTIONS to download the reader. 

The website is a work in progress and will continue to be modified.  If you are enjoying it please let me know why.  If you have suggestions regarding selection of songs, tempo, difficulty level, etc. please email them to jwall@practiserecorder.com

Dolmetch interactive finger chart 
Practice Scales
Finger Chart  
Beginners Music
Holding the Recorder

How to blow softly

Notes and Rests (Use Page View)

Reading music from the staff

Your first song

Adding low D to BAG

Beginners:  First songs in key of G

New notes:  Low E, F# and High c, d

New notes:  Low C and high e

Also in G - more difficult

Using all the notes you have learned

New notes:  Low F and B flat (Key of F)

Christmas Songs


Songs in F

Songs in G

Songs in D

School Opening

Songs in C

Songs in B Flat

Two parts (S. S. and S. A.)